Fatman 7: Enough Fatman Movies is the name in the seventh installment in the near endless series of Fatman movies. The title was actually made by the fans of the movie, who were really starting to get sick and tired of the movie franchise.


It begins with Bruise Pain in his house, enjoying a fantasy book sitting on a comfy chair, not worrying about any villain attacks.

Suddenly, he gets a call from Fat Robin, who tells him that a bank has just been robbed by a new supervillain named Pen Guin. Bruise Pain attempts to get into his costume, but he is so fat that he slips and falls out the window, and lands on the bank, crashing through it, and killing Pen Guin.

However, the movie is not over yet. Fatman gets filed a lawsuit, and has to fight his way through lawyers to get to his freedom. When he finally defeats the judge, he gets shocked when he sees Fat Robin eating a pretzel, and they both go back to the Fatcave.


Fatman as Bruise Pain and Fatman

Chuck Norris as Fat Robin

Homer Simpson as Pen Guin

Lenny as Banker 1

Jason Rullo as Banker 2

Maynard James Keenan as The Judge

Jus Oborn as The Judge's Right Hand Man

Phoenix Wright as the dumbest lawyer

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