Fatman 6: Seriously? is another obnoxious movie about the lame hero Fatman running/rolling around, beating up bad guys.


The movie starts with a "dramatic" (meaning lame) twist. They show a guy jumping building tops, but it ISN'T FATMAN! It zooms in closer, and the man reveals himself as Bitewing, a new hero who lives right outside Possum City, where there is no crime. Bitewing then jumps off of the ten story building, but he remembers he can't fly, and lands on the concrete. It then cuts to him leaving the hospital, in perfect shape.

Meanwhile, a man called Mr. Cold is trying to use scissors to cut holes into a refrigerator. Getting frustrated, he takes a mallet, and starts beating the holes into it. He eventually puts it on like a suit. He does an evil laugh, and then shoots ice out of his hand.

Meanwhile, Fatman is fighting a man with the Fatman symbol on his chest, except the sign is crossed out. He is Anti Fatman. They are on par, but Fat Robin and Fatgirl come in to help, and Anti Fatman barely gets away.

Meanwhile (again), Mr. Cold attacks Bitewing. They are even, so Mr. Cold leaves. It cuts to Anti Batman, who is plotting on how to beat Fatman. Just then, Mr. Cold blows a hole in the wall, and walks inside. He offers partnership, so they can both beat their enemies. Anti Fatman accepts.

The two of them attack Fatman, and are about to defeat him, but Fat Robin and Fatgirl come in AGAIN (he's getting really dependent on them, despite the fact that he calls them worthless pests). They still can not fend off the two villains forever. But then, Bitewing jumps in, and beats up both villains. Bitewing reveals himself to be the old Fat Robin, and Fatman tells him to get lost, as he is still mad.


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