Fatman 5: Get a Life is a movie about Fatman. The makers are implying that all the people watching the Fatman films need to get a life, and they themselves need to do as well.


The movie starts by showing Fatman beat up robbers. This goes on for a while. Just Fatman standing there, throwing punches at guys. He keeps fighting and fighting for about half an hour. Then, Officer Weirdo calls Fatman on his cell phone, and tells him a Pile of Goo just robbed a different bank. Fatman is so confused, a robber actually hits him. Fatman beats him up, and goes to investigate the goo thief. He gets there, and discovers a goo-like man robbing the bank. He gets away when he goes through the crack under the door.

Fatman investigates further, and discovers this to be another plot of the Creepy Mask Man, an infamous mob boss who always wears a weird mask. Fatman tracks him down, and beats him up. Creepy Mask Man tells him this is one of his two new monsters. He created them to help him conquer Possum City. Fatman punches him so hard, he dies... again.

The next day, a crocodile man has just blew up a power plant. Fatman investigates, but the crocodile man beats him up, and then retreats. Fatman, being the loser he is, calls for backup. Fat Robin and Fatgirl arrive on scene, falling from the sky. Fatman tells them to chase after Croc Head. They do, and they are beat up as well. Fat Robin is MAD. He tells Fatman he QUITS! Fatman walked down the street, and gave the Fat Robin costume to the first fat kid he saw.

The three of the heroes then chased after the Pile of Goo and Croc Head, cornering them in a dark alley. Fatman remembered that he invented a "Goo destroying and crocodile repelling" bomb MONTHS ago. He used it, and both of the villains were killed. Creepy Mask Man vows revenge. Nobody knows why he wasn`t a villian in the next movie(s)



Worst Fatman movie ever yet.

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