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Fatman 2: Return of the Fatman is the sequel to the hit movie Fatman: The Movie. It takes place one year after Fatman got off his lazy butt and started doing stuff. The main villain of this movie is the old Cat Lady.

This is Stuff About the Movie: Read or Else you will DIE!

The movie starts in Bruise Pain's mansion in Possum City. It shows Bruise having a birthday party for the camera man, meanwhile one story up, and elderly twenty year old lady named Selina Kryles is sneaking into a window one floor up. She smashes the window, and makes so much sound. It switches to people in various countries, and they all hear something. Then it switches back to the party where they don't notice.

She steals some gems, and then jumps back through the window. Then she remembers she is five floors up. She falls, and falls, and falls, and eventually lands on Bruise's "deluxe trampoline". She bounces for a while, and then gets off, and runs. Meanwhile, Bruise, who had to go to the bathroom, passes by his gem collection and notices missing gems. He calls for Fatman for twenty minutes straight before realizing he is Fatman. He then goes into the Fatcave, and puts on his costume.

He gets in the Fatmobile, and chases her car for three hours. He eventually shoots large bombs at her car, and it blows up. They approach each other, and Fatman beats her. She is arrested, but she breaks out after she gets bored half an hour later. She then creates the idea of the Cat Lady, a super villain to match Fatman.

She becomes Cat Lady, and triggers an alarm in a museum on purpose. Fatman comes (the police never do anything because Fatman does their job for them), and he tries to fight her. They are evenly matched, but then Fatman says "BOO!", she freaks out, and she is locked in a maximum security cell with Patrick Star.