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Fatman: The Show was a ridiculous & cheesy television series about Fatman and Fat Robin, who go on adventures to solve crimes such as who stole Fatman's doughnut. The series only lasted for two seasons.


In 1964, Paper Doll Man was a huge "fan" of the Fatman comics. He later became an intern at "I am Fatman" studios. 4 years later, Paper Doll Man thought about making a Fatman TV series so he threw Fatman in his television. What such genius idea that was!!!

Paper Doll Man soon became the founder of I am Fatman studios and was in charge of the TV series.


Season 1

  1. Fat Robin Gets Kidnapped (Part 1): The Poker kidnaps Fat Robin and tries to kill him with his paper card that he printed out a year ago. So Fatman saves him.
  2. Fat Robin Gets Kidnapped (Part 2): Fatman saves Fat Robin but it turns out that he got a slice of pizza that looks like Robin from Comic Con. So Fatman eats it then saves him again.
  3. Meet Man Fat: Man Fat arrives and sits on Alfred. The rest of the episode is The Guy Who Asks Too Many Questions scolding Man Fat for not destroying the Fatcave
  4. Tongue of the Fatman: Fatman eats Fat Robin for some reason, and now he has to get out of Fatman's body with the help of Wilford Brimley.
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