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Fatman: The Shame 4: The Quest for More Money to Buy Food, or just Fatman: The Shame 4, is a torture device that's a Shame. This is a shame nobody asked for in the first place. Nobody liked Fatman: The Shame 3: We Aren't Going to Tolerate This, so why is there a sequel to it? Nobody knows, but this shame has been made, so take it or leave it. Happycat didn't even bother with this shame, because it's tiring to see more Fatman in the world. Seriously, end the franchise already!


Fatman is watching TV in the Fatcave until the doorbell rang. Fatman rolled to the door, and opened it. It was the debt collectors on the other end. They said to Fatman that he forgot to pay for his meals and mortgage. Fatman sees this as a bad thing, so he's off on a quest with Fat Robin, Fatgirl, Bitewing, and Fat Hound to get money to pay off the debt.


General Gameplay

Fatman: The Shame 4 is a 3D platformer shame, where you roll around the city to fight bosses to get money. Fatman uses the Fatarang to attack enemies in a long range. Fatman can also fight enemies with his bare hands, but it's less useful, because he's Super Fat. However, he can roll on enemies, flattening them. He has his Burp-Gauge back, but it's instantly recharged, and it's not used to destroy little microphones. Instead, it's used to stun enemies, and poison them, somehow.

Bosses (in order)

  1. Calendar Man
  2. Poo Face
  3. Bane of Losers
  4. Anti Fatman
  5. Man Fat
  6. Mr. Cold
  7. Cat Lady
  8. Pile of Goo
  9. Croc Head
  10. Pen Guin
  11. Creepy Mask Man
  12. The Guy Who Asks Too Many Questions
  13. The Poker
  14. Batman
  15. Fake Bowser (this is when things get weird)
  16. Bowser
  17. Eviler Bowser
  18. Super Eviler Bowser
  19. Tinky Winky
  20. Dipsy
  21. Laa-Laa
  22. Po
  23. PoDipLaWinky
  24. Teletubbies Unbound
  25. Tubby Monster
  26. Alt 2.0
  27. WaTinky-Winky
  28. WaWaTinky-Winky
  29. WaWaWaTinky-Winky
  30. WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky
  31. Evil Gorilla
  32. Soundwave
  33. Starscream
  34. Shockwave
  35. Megatron
  36. Bruticus Maximus
  37. Jar Jar Binks
  38. Bonzi Buddy
  39. WaBonzi Buddy
  40. Captain 1 (FINAL BOSS)


It was never released to the public. Rather than that, it was stored in a warehouse. Somebody (probably Fatman himself) took the CDs it came in, and sold them privately. Even then, it was blasted to smithereens. "Fatman, it sucked back then, and it sucks forever!" said Captain 0 himself, even though you can kill Captain 1 in it. Happycat never bothered to play it, because he knew what would happen in that shame, and that Fatman is a zombie franchise. It will never end.


  • On the intro screen, there is text in Wingdings. It says: Why did we even bother to make this?
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