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Not to be confused with Fartman or the city with the same name.

" They once called me just a fat moron. But I was more. Much, much more. I was THE GREATEST FAT MORON EVER! I put on a costume, and declared I will now be known as... FATMAN! Protector of the overweight! "
  —Fatman, right before getting hit over the head with an anvil
Fatman during his daily exercise
Gender: Male
Sexuality: None
Hair color: NONE DUMMY!!!
Age: 40
Species: (*VERY VERY Very fat*) Human
Weight: OVER 9000 POUNDS!
Alive or Dead?: Dead
Death: Died of a heart attack
Likes: Junk Food
Dislikes: Losing weight
Education: NONE DUMMY!!!
Alignment: UnAligned
UnRank: 75
Promotion: NONE DUMMY!!!!

Fatman is a Super Fat-powered superhero character that lives in Possum City. He was originally a regular fat moron named Bruise Pain, but he got a costume that actually fit him, and became Fatman. Ever since then, Fatman has been running rolling around crushing bad guys and hippies underneath his fat rolls of doom.


Fatman's history is largely unknown, but some IS known. That's right, we actually discovered a history on someone. Bruise was born in Fatman, Turkey (That's why the city was named after him). He is fat because of his heredity. He moved to Possum City when he was very young. When he was just an eight year old kid who had a disorder that caused him to be unable to lose weight, so he had a very healthy diet, it was like how most lives go, when some man came up, and killed his parents. He vowed revenge, but first he decided he was hungry. He went off to find some broccoli, but couldn't, so he ate some fast food as a last resort, but the sugar and salt and fat was too good for one fry, so he ate, and ate, and ate until he was overweight to dangerous levels.

Fatman, while on a, "diet" (He actually just sucks in his fat).

He kept eating until the hole in his heart where a love for his family used to be was filled. however, he couldn't fill the hole, and his food fetish continued for a long time until he decided to stop to get a beer. He amazingly survived, and decided this was a sign there must be more to his disorder, and decided to be a superhero by the name of Fatman. So, he paid three million UnDollars to get enough fabric to actually make a costume that fitted him. He did that (sort of), and started waddling around the Possum City streets to stop crime. After that he just ate McDonald's. I mean literally. He swallowed the entire building.

We'd tell you more, but we don't feel like it.


Fatman has Super Fat, an amazing power that lets him roll around, crush people, and eat so much food, he can shoot puke bombs at people.

He is also strong enough to lift four tons, just by using his fat. If he gets fatter, he would be able to lift more, but might die as well.

Fatman is famous for using advanced equipment to help him when his fat isn't enough:

  • Fatarangs - Boomerangs that are SUPER fat
  • Fat pellets - Smoke pellets that make people inflate
  • Fatknife - A sharp knife that can hack through even the thickest fat
  • Fataling hook - A grappling hook so strong, it can even hold Fatman for a few seconds before it snaps
  • Fat Bombs - Grenades that rapidly expand rather than explode
  • And several other fat devices that are not very important like the Fat Spork (it's just a normal spork, except ten times bigger)

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