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It really isn't this cool.

The Fatarang is a small boomerang-type fat thingy that is most well known for being Fatman's fat tool of fatty justice. They were first used by Fatman when he became a hero. He uses these devices to hit bad guys in the face. It's fun!

Fatarangs are very dangerous devices, and they have caused many deaths over the years. Nobody is really sure how this happens (or has any idea whatsoever), as they are pieces of plastic that Fatman bought at the 99 cent story. Regardless, fatarangs are not very useful, because in most cases, it will just bounce off of the criminal, leaving a lump on their head.

Fatarangs are most known for being used by Fatman, but they are also used by Fatgirl. Fat Robin used them for a while, but when he became Bitewing, he started eating the fatarangs and made Bitearangs, which suck. The new Fat Robin just throws pizza at his enemies.

A new type of fatarang has recently been developed. This type of fatarang is activated automatically when Fatman farts. When activated, the fatarang self destructs in Fatman's pocket. Nobody knows why Fatman even made such a device. Perhaps it was a trick from The Poker...

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