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Fat Hound: His Bark is Worse Than His Bite. His jaw is too fat to close over anything.
Gender: Male
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Glowing Red
Species: Mutated Dog
Home: Fatcave
Death: Died due to being too fat
AKA: Fat Dog
Likes: To lose three thousand pounds
Dislikes: To gain one pound
Education: Three years of sitting on cats
Occupation: Sidekick
Known For: Being a better sidekick than Fat Robin
UnRank: 137
  —Fat Hound's last words.

Fat Hound is a legendary dog that runs/rolls around Possum City. He is the sidekick of Fatman, but only because Fatman whips him when he disobeys.


Fat Hound was born in the Circus of Doom. His mother was the famous Dino Dog. His dad was Cerberus. He was raised to attack whatever he saw, but he was so fat, he could only roll around, and squish things. This was then used by the circus, but Fat Hound was abused a lot. He ran rolled away at only two years old (and only five thousand pounds).

The circus was in Possum City at the time, and he rolled right into Bruise Pain's mansion. Bruise was out running around as Fatman at the time, but when he returned, he saw this dog had crushed his mansion. Instead of attacking, he raised this dog to help him as Fat Hound. Fat Robin was jealous, but Fatman told him to get a life.

Fat Hound soon became the best sidekick Fatman ever had. Unfortunately, he was never featured in any Fatman Movies because he was on vacation in Antarctica while they were being made.



... but only if he were able to get up so high up above a planet's atmosphere in the first place.

Things that you notice

  • Some people believe Fat Hound is a cat?
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