Fat Guys In The Woods is a stupid movie about a bunch of fat guys running around in the woods


The fat guy with a gun


The movie starts off with Clarence in the woods. Then he sees a really fat guy climbing a tree with a gun. Then Clarence runs off to his parents screaming and hugs his mom, crying and tells her that there are fat guys in the woods. The scene swifts to the Fat guy with a gun and some other fat guys in a cabin in the woods, drinking beer and eating fried chicken and watching my little pony. Then the police show up and shoot at the cabin and the fat guys start shooting at them. Clarence's Mother hears the gunshots and tells Clarence to leave but he isn't there. The police keep shooting the fat guys but they are so fat it dosen't hurt them. Then the fat guys kill the police and Clarence but then a bunch of angry old people come and hit the fat guys with cans and one of them dies. Then one of the fat guys explodes and kills all the evil old guys. The fat guys are walking in the woods when they see a light, They think they have found heaven but they actully found McDonald's. They think it is even better and go in then a guy wearing a santa suit with a bomb strapped to him runs into the building and explodes, killing all the fat guys. then the movie ends.

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