Fast cow is a cow who is rumored to be the son of Chuck Norris, according to the Mayans. But the Mayans also thought the world would end in 2012, and it didn't.

Fast cow
Fast cow 2


Gender: Male
Hair color: black and white
Eye color: black
Species: Cow...?
Home: Pen Island
Death: never
Likes: Invading Poland
Dislikes: Cats
Education:  ??
Known For: Being mistaken for Chuck Norris' son
UnRank: 50^^10

He is somehow respawnable.


Fast cow was born in 2010 BC, when Nobody had a seizure.

He has invented a lot of stupid things. He will do this for eternity since he is respawnable.

The Mayans thought he was the son of Chuck Norris because of his high UnRank.

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