Farmees is actually, this. How cringy.

Farmees is unfunny stuff on YouTube. It's basically Back at the Barnyard but for big babies. It has a lot of cringey nursery rhymes, 4chan-related content, MLG, Teletubbies, and blood. If this was a TV show it would be rated TV-MA SV. It was meant to be evil as Mr. Pickles, Teletubbies and Bluey.


A screenshot of Cheesy!, taken from media resource.


WARNING: There's no Season 2.

  1. Oink Strikes Back: Oink destroys the whole farm, and dances. Song: Hey Diddle Diddle
  2. Cheesy!: Moo finds Cheese, shares it with Baa, and she chokes. Song: Twinkle Twinkle Eat Star.
  3. It's a Monster: Oink's mom is Chuck Norris, and the whole Farmees crew cries. Song: Tie your Shoes.
  4. Whiny's Funeral: Whiny dies, and the Farmees crew celebrate his happy funeral. Song: Ring Around the Rosie.
  5. Oinks Fat: Oinks is fat. He loves junk food and McDonald's. Song: Lunchtime
  6. Quack: The Farmees crew discover Quack, a rip-off of Ducky. Song: The Lottie Dottie Chicken.
  7. PETA: Farmees get slaughtered by PETA. Song: Let's Kill Animals.
  8. Diabetes: The Farmees get diabetes. Song: Johnny Johnny Yes Papa.
  9. The Massacre: The final episode of the series. After Moo got murdered, he causes the biggest massacre on the farm. Song: Bye Bye


Biased Ratings gave it a 0/10 due to low quality songs.

Mrs. Nesbitt gave it a 11/10 due to blood.

The "show" won an Webby award despite the BLOOD AND GORE.

This show airs on Adult Swim every day.

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