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Family Guy is the greatest and most funny show filmed and directed by Seth McFarlane, who is just an idiot. Staring Peter Griffin and the griffin family. Along with other idiots like Glenn Quagmire who live in Qauhog.

Episodes of this show

Fat Peter

Everyone calls Peter Fat, while Quagmire kills Chris.

Brian dies

Brian kills himself, while everyone else beats up Meg


Bowser goes to Quahog, and kills Lois, which upsets peter.

Po vs Stewie

Stewie watches Teletubbies, but Po comes out of the TV and kills him.

Peter hates Meg

Peter Kills Meg and gives her to the Teletubbies.

Stewie Toast

Wonky Donkey puts Stewie in a slice of Toast and eats him.

Watch Where your Going

Chris falls into a pit of lava and dies.

Racist Idiot

Peter calls Cleveland names.

Evil Meg

Meg kills Peter and everyone, while Quagmire finds himself in Dora the Explorer's House, and gets killed by Dora the Explorer.

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