Some people Falling with style.

Falling With Style (sometimes incorrectly referred to as flying) is an act of going up, and coming back down. Some people can do it naturally, while some people need stupid machines to do it for them. These people are referred to as "ground losers".

Falling with style is accomplished by going into the air, bouncing around on stuff, and touching back down. Some people say it hurts, but Superman slaps them, and they're quiet after that (in fact, they never make another noise again). Others find falling with style very easy, and do it just to show off.

Woody appears to be an expert in this particular topic, as he can easily tell when one is preforming this activity. When Buzz Lightyear broke into his house and fell with style, Woody pointed it out right away.

Falling with style is illegal in many locations, as it is a leading cause of death in people 60-80 years old.

Bear himself in the series finale episode "Bear commits suicide". He was briefly falling with style.

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