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Fake Igor
He's actually Yaldabaoth
Gender: Male
Hair color: White
Eye color: Black
Age: OVER 9000
Species: God
Home: the Velvet Room
Alive or Dead?: Dead
Death: Ate too much burnt bread.
AKA: Velvet room guy
Likes: Rehabilitative Justice
Dislikes: Criminal Justice
Occupation: Velvet Room guy
Known For: rehabilitating people
Powers: Rehabilitating people
UnRank: 255
" Rehabilitation. "
  —Fake Igor

Fake Igor is one of those guys who's obsessed with rehabilitation, he can't shut up about this and the game. If you look at him close enough you might be able to see he's not the real Igor... Some time ago he tried to take over the world but died instead.

How the burned bread killed him

Mario was making some toasted toast, Fake Igor saw Mario toasting toast in he asked for some. When eating 2 slices he realized he was eating burnt bread; remembering all of the Persona 3 memes—Fake Igor died of a sudden aneurysm.

List of people Igor has tried to rehabilitate but failed(In order)


Burn my bread

This is the moment that killed him