Facebook is a website where people can go online and put their status as "taking a piss". You can also do other things, but that is the primary function. Facebook was first started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg (other guys helped, but Zuckerberg killed them so he would get all the money). Facebook is currently the most popular website ever. It is also the second best website, right after the UnAnything Wiki. After the MySpace Facebook War, it was considered by many to be the successor (and superior) of MySpace. It is now in battle with Twitter in the Twitter Facebook War.

Facebook serves as an excuse for teens to whine about stuff and for adults to show Everybody what they cooked for DINNER. It is also a common battlefield for various political and religious debates; something that would be a no-no in more civilized areas. Facebook is also where Pedo Bear lives and the third time champ of the Hater of the Internet award.

Top Secret

Facebook is secretly an elite squad of spies, secret agents, and ninjas set out to compete with Pedo Bear. It has spread like a virus through the entire Internet, creating a Monopoly. It is also creeping into the Real World as well, but the Undefeatables sent out Bob Saget to hold it back. Nobody knows how long this will last.

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