Ronald warped

Ronald McDonald's face is morphed.

A Face Morpher is a tool and weapon used to alter and morph the faces of random people. The average face morpher consists of a face device to put your face in, and a particle beam that messes with your face. Many face morphers also include an attached scope for long-distance morphing.

The Face Morpher was invented by Dr N. Brio. It was created on accident while he was attempting to create a Death Star. He decided this was good enough, and he started running around morphing faces. For three years, this device gave him the title of greatest face morphers ever. However, Rainbows quit the Teletubbies, and morphed his face.

The face morpher was later stolen by Wall Street, who made them to take care of enemies. This worked successfully for a year, but Microsoft bought the face morpher from a Wall Street agent for $1,000,000,000. Microsoft started selling Microsoft Face Morpher as a program for computers, but this was an epic fail. They lost $1,000,000,000,000,000, and went bankrupt twice. Microsoft decided to sell the face morpher to Yahoo! for $1.

Yahoo! mass produced the face morphers, and they are now sold in stores.

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