Faby is a bird that is an extreme alcoholic. Now with said that, I think we can all agree that he likes to go to hell

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bars and get drunk with Homer Simpson. He is also a star of the shame Flappy Bird. He has a wife named Sarah and a boy named Katy(Faby was too drunk to know that Katy was a girl name).

Flappy Bird: Based on a true story

Every night when Katy is asleep, (obviously) Faby drinks. And drinks. And drinks. Until he's drunk. So Sarah dumped him and left him with Katy(which was a pretty stupid thing to do). So he must go around his city to find food.

Enemies with Mario

Faby also hates those the Mario brothers (and Luigi too), so the Mario haters, Bowser, that eviler Bowser clone, the other eviler Bowser clone, Ganon, and Sonic joined a club called M.A.R.M.A.G.E.D.D.O.N. (Get it? MARIO AND ARMAGEDDON? HAHAHHAHHA! Wait, that wasn't a joke... but still, it's a cool title!) that attempts to destroy those pesky plumbers. Mario also, to make it harder for Faby to find food, put pipes there. Poor, poor bird.

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