Cquote1 THAT. IS. IT. I wanna kill someone! Cquote2
Youngest Fab Fairy 20 minutes after killing someone.
Fab Fairies
Fab Fairies Art

They may seem harmless at first, but you do not wanna encounter them.

Eye color: Green (Middle, Eldest), Blue (Youngest)
Species: Fairy
Home: Realm of the Fey
Likes: Killing Things (All), CANDY (Youngest)
Dislikes: Iron, Not killing anything for over 5 minutes.
Education: Self-Taught Using a Bow and Arrow.
Occupation: Being Murderers
Known For: Killing Things
UnRank: 612,000

The Fab Fairies are 3 mass-murdering Fairies who live in the Realm of the Fey.


The Fairies were born out of some type of dust that flew into the Realm of the Fey. When they were made, they had an imeddiate thirst for murder, so they started killing things. So far, they have killed about 4,500,000 people. No one knows their name (Execpt for the fairies themselves, of course), so they conisder them the Youngest (Green), Middle (Orange), and Eldest (Purple) Fab Fairies. They are nearly immortal, but the only thing that can kill them is Iron, and Lemons/Limes (If consumed). And besides that, they respawn after a week or two. They kill people by Stabing them to death with Arrows, or using their Evil Magic to Tourture them to death.

People They Have Killed


  • If you try to ask them their names, they will kill you. Slowly and Painfully.
  • Their size is 2.5 inches (Youngest), 3 inches (Middle) and 3.5 inches (Eldest) respectivley.
  • They might be fairies who came from Hell.
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