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Eyeball-tent tubby
Eyeball-tent tubby.jpg
Full name: Eyeballus tubbicus
Gender: Male
Hair color: Purple fur
Eye color: Black pupil
UnBirthday: Classified
Species: Teletubby clone
Home: Some dudes basement
Alive or Dead?: Alive
AKA: Big eye ball face

The eyeball-tent tubby is a mutated Teletubby Clone who is currently in Somebody's basement. He is a PO COOTAH dust smoker and is very defective so that's why the Teletubbies put him in somebodies basement. It may or may not have relation to the Swagger's

He is on the run from the The A.Z.C.F because he pirates Nintendo consoles because he is poor as s**t. He nearly got cannibalized by Horrortime Tubby because whilst he was incharge, eating criminals was normal. The more merciful Captain 15 sent him to jail.

the jail in perticular was the goddamn The Wall. He is in there till this day.


•he is immune to overdosing on po COOTER DUST •he is a clone of Tinky Winky •its unknown how he can eat