Donkey Kong when he's about to expand dong.

Expand Dong is a special ability that can only be used by big stinky gorillas, and more specifically, the Kong family. This is a lethal weapon that can rival if not exceed even the most powerful guns.


The basic process of expanding dong goes something like this.

  1. Using a special burst of adrenaline, testosterone and nitric oxide provided at the moment, the user expands his dong.
  2. Due to this dong expansion, the user can now perform a variety of exceedingly powerful abilities, the most notable being a lazor that incinerates everything in its path.

Beings that can Expand Dong


  • Donkey Kong commonly expands dong to defeat King K. Rool. It is said expanding dong is the only way Donkey Kong can defeat him, or else he would be sucked up by the King K. Rool Cannon.
  • People actively seek out the above beings so they can learn how to expand dong, only to find out only certified Expanders can do it.
  • Sometimes, it occurs when a dong expands too much, which can lead to dangerous and often explosive consequences. This is known as Dong Overexpansion, and it is feared among gorillas.
  King K Rool   Shiver me timbers!

Donkey Kong can't expand dong anymore! He got sucked up by the King K. Rool Cannon!

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