Excalibur Render


Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: White and black
Species: Weapon
Home: Sparta
Death: None
AKA: Not-so Great Old One
Likes: Calling people "baka" or "fools"
Dislikes: Matryoshka Miku and Death the Kid
Education: FOOL!!! I DON"T NEED ONE!!!
Known For: Being annoying, inventing the "Excalibur face"
UnRank: -1,000,009
Promotion: Why, I gave it to myself, and I am the most powerful weapon in the world!

Background Information

He is some talking sword that makes people grimace at the sight of him because he's really annoying, y'know?

Role in the Great Zambie Apocalypse

He attempted to kill the zambies himself, but nothing happened, so he just ran like hell.

Excalibur Face

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Looks like Death the Kid saw Excalibur.

This face is made by anyone who sees or hears Excalibur being mentioned. Guys like Death the Kid and Sebby know and hate this guy. Even Matryoshka Miku hates Excalibur! Because everyone hated Excalibur so much, Sway3po became a hero and did everyone a huge favor by banishing him to Sparta.


He tells the fellow people, zambies, and Sebbot about his story for generations, and has become very famous for his tale.


  • He made many people commit suicide from being very annoyed by him.
  • Did you know that you're a fool?
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