Eviler Bowsette
Eviler bowsette


Full name: Eviler Bowsette
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Red
Birthdate: 6/6/666
Species: Evil Human
Likes: Doing evil
UnRank: 1000

Eviler Bowsette is a more powerful form of Bowsette; she's more eviler than Bowsette as implied by the name. She's a goddess and matches the likes of Giygas. Nobody is aware of her full power. She drive up to people's houses and take pictures. Reason being is to forward them to members of the WaMafia to carry out their evil goals, striking fear into lower ranking members as she does so. Eviler Bowsette regularly scorches everyone with fire just for the fun of it. Stealing the U.S. Whitehorse is a thing she does every afternoon.

She's a great woman to be around, you'll probably be great friends with her.

Eviler Bowsette is so evil that she threatens businessmen with bankruptcy, and manipulates men for oreos. Avoid Eviler Bowsette at all costs because she's too evil. It's been reported that 666 kids have drowned in wells because of her.

Chuck Norris has almost been tricked by Eviler Bowsette to give her some ∞ Undollar bills - but Chuck Norris is immune to deception by the third law of the UnMultiverse.

After Bowsette is Eviler Bowsette for a week, she just turns into very hungry Bowsette that craves only oreos. She'll have to eat 10 containers worth of them in a single minute to recover his energy.

It's said she was killed because of Shaggy Rogers and Mr. T putting an end to her. Unfortunately she never got to reach the peak level of Super Eviler Bowsette.

Favorite Snack

Eviler Bowsette's favorite snack is oreos.

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