Evil Snowman

Watch out! It's going to eat you!!1!

Evil Snowmen are a sub-species of Snowmen who are evil. They try to eat people and sing bad Christmas carols. Only two things can stop them: 1. Killing them by conventional means and 2. Temperatures above 0 degrees Celsius. They came from Snow Hell.

Evil Snowmen are the main enemies in Call of Ducky: Black Ops Evil Snowmen Mode where you have to kill them before they eat you and sing bad Christmas carols. And if you think that you sing bad Christmas carols, you should know that they sing even worse. Trust me.

Evil Snowmen are considered one of the evilest things alive in all of UnWorld and George W. Bush says killing them is not a crime. Ducky supports this despite the fact that no Evil Snowmen are in his empire and he thinks killing them is cool, which it is.

If you get eaten by an Evil Snowman, you will be turned into a pile of snow that will form another Evil Snowman. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Famous Evil Snowmen

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