Evil Mani Mani is a statue that can mess up your brain, or something. Apparently he originated from Earthbound but not created by Giygas from the UnUniverse. He's an incredibly high IQ but was locked away


from humanity on Pluto after the race of Pee found him. He's known for absolutely nothing, because no one knows about him except for the Pee race.

That is, until a certain man found him.



No one knows how he was created, but on the caves of Pluto, the Pee race wrote him as the god of delusion. The Shamans of the Pee forced him to stay on Pluto through a magic force-field that lasts for a 100 years. A mad group of the same race started to praise him, despite the statue being nowhere so they worshipped a drawing in the middle of the open. Suddenly, the statue actually appeared. It actually cause the whole race to be extinct because of his PK Flash, until a brave warrior called Poo used PK Starstorm Omega to destroy him. Though he wasn't destroyed, and came back years later when Poo decided to go to Earth with a small colony of Pee.

After Poo

When Poo left, he became worshipped by the Pee race remaining on Pluto by manipulating their mind. Anyone that didn't obey him will be executed by PK Rockin' and buried at the core of the planet. The reign of Mani Mani didn't last long, as the Prophet of Pee defeated him once more. He was temporarily stunned, but as he's stunned, he gets sealed away in a giant crystal shard. However, this didn't stop him from taking over pluto by manipulating the shard to make the Pee hide in the ground. After many years, he finally broke out. Becoming able to break out of his statue shell, while still going into statue form.

Pluto ended in disaster, with all life hiding underground from the statue.


50 years after the events of Poo leaving, Wallman arrived to Pluto and found the statue in his statue form. He put it in his spaceship, where he put him in a container. He tried to harness his power, he did but can only spawn bricks and Big Bottle Rockets. He's been there ever since, just paralyzed and unable to move.


He wants to see everything burn in his PK Flash/Rockin'. He has no morals or stuff like that, he just wants to see everything die.


He has PSI powers, along with making people go mad and manipulation. Though he has not used it that much, he can also absorb other people's powers.

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