Evil Leafy is a corrupt lemon leaf that is very, very, evil. Yes, a very, very, evil leaf. She has a normal form called Leafy. She can EAT things, but she CANNOT eat Chuck Norris, because he would roundhouse kick her.

She is the most evil leaf I've ever seen! She made me cry! :(

Eventually, she took a break from eating people.

She hates being confused with LeafyIsHere and will eat/kill anyone who mentions him around her.

Evil Leafy's also a satanist, but Googolplex won't let her join the Satanist Empire because Evil Leafy sucks.

How to deal with her

  • Panic.
  • Scream, and panic.
  • Scream, run, and panic.
  • Scream, run, pee your pants, and panic.
  • Scream, run, pee your pants, panic, and die.
  • Bring Chuck Norris with you.
  • Eat toast. (wait wuuut?) (proven to work)
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