Evil guy 1

Pretty fat, eh?

The Evil Fat Guy is an evil guy who hates cupcakes who was accidentally created by Peachycakes. He is one of the main haters of the UnWorld along with Bowser and the Teletubbies. He has the ability to turn into Evil Evil Guy using a special pendant, as seen in his shames. He is a member of the UnMarioWiki Mascots.


Mario Mart

In Mario Mart Evil Guy had the heaviest ride, due to his weight. A smaller Grocery Cart would be crushed immedietly, limiting his choices. Evil Guy though is a very slow rider.


  • Even though he is evil, he loves cheese.
  • He weighs over 5000 extra-chunky cupcakes.
  • Evil Guy once accidentally ate one of Birdo's boogers.
  • He appeared in the beta version Mario Hoops 5-on-5, but did not make it to the final version. In the final beta version, he is replaced by Peachycakes (who was replaced by Yoshi).
  • He appears in Mario Kart Quintuple Dash.
  • He lived in the same neighborhood as Klonoa as a child.
  • He never makes it to any bathroom...
  • Klonoa lately seems to always blow the cheese out of him, but sadly for him (Evil Guy), he can't stop being beaten up by a dog-cat-rabbit warrior.
  • He has a TV show called The Super Evil Guy Super Show!, which has a movie based on it too known as The Super Evil Guy Super Movie!
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