Evil Gorilla

The Evil Gorilla, Relaxing


The Evil Gorilla wreaking havoc in Teletubby Land

The Evil Gorilla (also spelled Evil Gorrila by idiots) is a dangerous giant gorilla that lives in Teletubby Land. It is so dangerous, even the Teletubbies try to avoid it. This gorilla has over three million confirmed kills to date. It is possibly the founder of "gorilla warfare."

The gorilla has lived in Teletubby Land as long as anyone can remember. When it first discovered the Teletubbies, it tried to eat them. They fought it off and subsequently built Tubby Tower for protection. Eventually, the Teletubbies were able to gain control of the gorilla, and they started using it as a minion and a weapon, similar to the Tubby Monster. Since then, Tubby Tower has only been used as a home and a base for the Teletubbies.

The Evil Gorilla is most often found lurking in the Teletubby Land Acid Lake, being immune to its power. Whenever he sees Teletubby Land Bunnies passing by, he eats them like little turkeys. Then he declares it Thanksgiving and eats lotsa Pie. The gorilla sometimes even invites Dora the Explorer to these Thanksgiving parties to play cards and watch football.

Unfortunately he was killed in a battle with Monsta (hypnotized by WaWaBonzi Buddy) during The Great Teletubby Land Massacre.

Fortunately, he respawned.

Donkey Kong

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