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Not to be confused with Captain -0
" I AM Evil Captain 0, and I AM EVIL!! "
  —Evil Captain 0, introducing himself

Evil Captain 0 (pronounced "EVIL captain zero") is a clone of Captain 0 who is literally Captain 0 but evil in all things, even personality.

Evil Captain 0
Evil Captain 0. He rules the Empire
Gender: Male
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Yellow
Age: Unknown
Zodiac: All of them
Species: Number Captain
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Death: No
AKA: Man of Evil
Dislikes: Not KILLING
Education: 10 Years at The School for The Satanic
How They Like Their Steak: extra, EXTRA raw
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
UnRank: -14 Billion

He has plans for world domination, and wants to assassinate Captain 0. His reason for world domination is because he hates Captain 0 and Captain 0 rules the world. Therefore, he wants to make everything as different as when it was ruled by Captain 0.

He is also skilled at using an AK-47.

He is also the second largest investor (and leader) of the Satanist Empire, just behind Hannibal Lecter. You might ask, "Why is he only the second largest investor of the Satanist Empire?". Well, this is because Evil Captain 0 and Hannibal Lecter have made a blood pact where legally Hannibal could rule as co emperor. That's a nice thing to do!

If you see him, do not approach, stay away from him at all costs. "Why?" you might ask. It's because if you touch him, he'll beat you up for around 5 minutes then take the form of you and ruin your life.

He also drips a little bit of his Number Captain Poison.

One note: Evil Captain 0 rules the Satanist Empire.


Once upon a time, Captain 0 was eating with his Number Captain friends, when suddenly, some weird black ooze dripped on him. It took over his body for around 5 minutes, causing the exact opposite of what Captain 0 would do (have a conversation, save a cat) and instead killed a cat on a tree, dropped the F-bomb and was hauntingly quiet. It then took the form of an inverted version of Captain 0, waiting for the time Captain 0 is at his weakest. (Hint: Captain 0's never gonna be at his weakest.)

Overall Life

He is friends with the antagonist, Captain 1, as both dream about assassinating Captain 0.

Evil Captain 0's overall strategy would be:

  1. Devise a plan to destroy Captain 0.
  2. Tell Captain 1 the plan.
  3. Build the plan
  4. Wait for Captain 0 to be weak
  5. Use the plan
  6. Fail miserably.


  • Once, he almost successfully assassinated Captain 0. However, his plan failed because his poison was accidentally freezed because he put it in the freezer instead of the refrigerator. Even if if did work, Captain 0 is an Undefeatable and cannot die.
  • He used to co-rule the Empire during the somethingth reign of The Mysterious Man. After The Mysterious Man retired, he took over.
  • There’s someone with a very strange obsession with this page.
Current Emperor of the Satanist Empire
The Mysterious Man
(1954 - 1987)
1987 - current Nobody
(N/A - N/A)