Eubie is a character on Higglytown Heroes, a show created by Freddy Fazbear. This character is voiced by and

It's Eubie!

modeled after Kurante. This character fills the comic relief role on the show, mostly by telling puns way below Sans' level.

This character has a large obsession with pizza, which regularly distracts the other characters, in her (or is it his?) constant addict-like search for it. She also routinely judges the other characters on the show over their criticism of her love for pizza, saying that they are hypocrites, because they judge her based on her passion, while they take theirs much more extremely (they don't). Another noticeable trait of hers is that she consistently dyes her hair in various neon colors between episodes, or at least that's what the creators tell us as an excuse for inconsistent animation.


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