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Eternal Sailor Moon
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Eye color: Azure
Age: 14.5
Zodiac: Cancer ♋
Species: Angel
Likes: Justice
Being Able to Fly
Dislikes: Doing Work
Occupation: Sailor Solider
Known For: Protecting the UnUniverse
Alignment: Neutral Good
UnRank: 14,647,440

Eternal Sailor Moon is the strongest form of Sailor Moon, as well as the Protector and Queen of the Moon. Eternal Sailor Moon is considered to be an Undefeatable in this form.


Eternal Sailor Moon was discovered when Sailor Moon noticed that her Silver Crystal can be combined with the Chalice that turns her into Super Sailor Moon. Luna was still alive at this time, and she told Sailor Moon to collect the blood of Every Sailor Guardian and put it in the chalice. Even though there were some conflicts, Sailor Moon was able to do the job and turn into Eternal Sailor Moon. Luna was initially excited about this, since at this point Sailor Moon can now destroy all of the moons without breaking a sweat. However, Sailor Moon used her power to instead try to destroy Zero Two. She succeeded, but that was because she destroyed the wrong Zero Two, being the Stupid Anime girl she is.

Sailor Moon rarely turns into Eternal Sailor Moon as it requires to hurt her friends. However, she transformed again in order to defend herself from Cthulhu after Sailor Neptune thought it would be perfect to eat. She transformed one more time in order to protect Red from getting glitchified by Missingno. After that event, Sailor Moon was perplexed on why she was able to condense Missingno into a Pokeball, as she knew only Undefeatables could only do that. She decided to test her wits at the Undefeatable Palace to see if she was truly an Undefeatable. The Roundhouse Kick from Chuck Norris on the UnRank Scales shook Eternal Sailor Moon up quite a bit, but she was still standing. Sailor Moon's life was changed forever as she was now considered an Undefeatable. (Only in this form, however.)


Unlike Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon has many more powers than her first form. Alongside being basically immortal, Eternal Sailor Moon keeps the same moves from her previous two forms plus more.

  • Flight, now that she has wings!!!
  • Her Tiara can now heal allies as well as a even more powerful version of the average Tiara Frisbee.
  • Power Therapy Kiss: This move is said to either heal a bunch of people at once as well as be powerful enough to destroy every single Sailor Guardian at once.
  • Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power: Her strongest attack. Combines the souls of every Sailor Guardian in order to unleash a huge amount of energy. This move is apparently strong enough to defeat the entire Zodiacs Group, however Eternal Sailor Moon has never used this move before.
  • Time Travel
  • Every Power and Ability of the Sailor Guardians.

In order to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon must first combine a Silver Crystal with the Chalice she has. Then, she must collect the blood of all Inner and Outer Sailor Guardians (including Tuxedo Mask) and put it in the chalice. Afterwards, she must turn into Super Sailor Moon as this only works in that form for some reason. Super Sailor Moon must yell "Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!", then drink the whole chalice within a minute or else it won't work. When all of that is done, Sailor Moon will have successfully turned into her Eternal form! Now you see why she turns into this form rarely?

Sailor Cosmos

This is what Sailor Cosmos looks like. The toy doll there is just for decoration.

Sailor Cosmos is rumored to be a different form of Sailor Moon, but this is completely false. Sailor Cosmos is simply Eternal Sailor Moon but much older. Because of her age and battle damage, her hair is now white and her wings have turned into a cape with white roses. Sailor Cosmos is said to be more powerful due to the fact she knows how to use her moves better, as well as being able to use 'Lambada Power', whatever that is. (It's just some modified NEDM Energy after Eternal Sailor Moon absorbed it trying to fight Happycat Clones)


  • The 'Eternal' in Eternal Sailor Moon is actually an acronym. It stands for Extremely Tubluar, Excellent, Really Nice, and Awesome Legend(ary).