Ernie Happy

Ernie holding his favorite laser duck.

Ernie E. Ernie (otherwise known as Ernie or That Orange One) is one of the most infamous criminal masterminds in UnAmerican history. He is a high ranking officer in the Elmo Gang and the brains behind the Great Bank Heist of 1923. Ernie is wanted throughout most places in the UnWorld but escapes the Police because they are dumb and stupid.


Ernie first started out in Liberty City. His father was a captain in the Liberty City Police Department and his mother was a warrior with the Amazons. He was supposed to be Ruler of the World just like a good little boy, but then tragedy struck. Ernie got up one morning to do his chores and recite the Bible in Latin when he saw a red liquid spilled all over. Thinking it was Kool-Aid, he started drinking it. Only after he was finished did he realize what it actually was. It was tomato juice. Having a violent reaction to the tomato juice, Ernie became evil forever.


Ernie demonstrating his profound intelligence to his swell acquaintance, Bert.

Ernie started out as a small time criminal, robbing stores and plowing people over with cars. But he realized he could do so much more. He gathered his team, got his equipment, and robbed every bank in the world. Unfortunately, he made the slight mistake of telling Everybody where he lived. He moved to Sesame Street where he was recruited into the Elmo Gang. Ernie decided to get a job to program the Grand Theft Sesame Street shames. Now all he does is play Grand Theft Sesame Street and drink tomato juice.

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