Looks like the sun got hit by an Erlikium beam.

Erlikium is a truly strange element. It is also one of the first. It is the reason why Erlikosaurus exists, and yet, Erlikosaurus is the reason why it exists. Confused? You should be.


The first Plotholium in the UnOmniverse to exist, originally made by NaN, had rearranged itself into some of the powerful beings we know today. However, one set of Plotholium underwent a strange reaction that transformed it into the first Erlikium. Out of this odd new element, Erlikosaurus was created, who immediately became the threshold on the existence of Erlikium. He is by far one of the oldest beings to ever exist.


Erlikium has very similar properties to Plotholium, but is a little different. It's a little weaker than Plotholium, but still very strong. And once it's Erlikium, it stays so, unable to replicate other elements. However, there are plenty of similarities. Baby Yoshi still can't eat it. It can phase through metal and nonmetal. Anything can pass through it in the right circumstances. And finally, it still isn't made of protons and neutrons and electrons, but instead of tiny Great Dodecahedrons. Strange.


  • It is said the metal that makes up Triforced Link's armor is actually Erlikium.
  • Erlikosaurus has free control over this element, and can do anything it wants with it.
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