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Not many pictures of eobah exist, which is kind of sad to say the least.
Scientific name: faredous salmani
Eye color: Could be any
Habitat: Anywhere
Time alive: 10 years in the wild, 28 years in captivity
Edible? Yes
Tastes like: French Vanilla
Preys on: Tiny shrimp, also small sharks.
Is preyed upon by: Big sharks.
Intelligence: No
Conservation status: Least concern

Eobah are Boohbah-like aquatic creatures that primarily live in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Beanos Ocean on Barnard's Star C (also known as Kittehlandia)

Eobah are known for reproducing more then even Bloopers, every second, 505 eobah are made.

Because of this, eobah are starting to overpopulate the ocean, then someone made a fix, by inserting an eobah killing poison into the river, when the eobah go into the poison, they die. But the eobah is still safe to eat.

They also taste very good, almost as good as Bulborb and Bulborb Larva. Eobah tastes just like salmon. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!! Eobah Larva is the baby eobah, and the larva is very cute.

It is also very good for you, having LOADS of Omega-3, vitamin A and C. There are no side effects of eobah.

However, lots of evil people like eating this. And love eobah with POISON on it!


  • Eobah is most commonly served with lime.
Louie.png Louie's Notes

Is blooper too much to introduce you to ocean life? Louie's got you covered. Just go fishing, and catch some eobah, then when you get home, fry it on a pan, cut out the bones, then you are the king of the sea!!