Superman shooting an energy blast out of his eyes


Some energy blasts can have disastrous results

An energy blast is a blast of energy. I sure hope you figured that out before I said that. Energy blasts are dangerous, capable of frying through almost anything. Epic people use energy blasts to blast energy. And then they blow stuff up.

Energy blasts are most commonly used as weapons. Basic energy blasts are used to stun people until they go "BBBZZZ! BBZZ! GGROUUGH! BZ!", but larger energy blasts are used to blow things up. Energy blasts are epic because they are blasts made of energy.

Lots of people can make energy blasts, and these people are called Energy Blasters. They all end up shooting energy blasts at each other though, so it is kind of pointless. Superman is a powerful energy blaster, but he cheats by using other Powers. Anyone who can shoot fire can be considered an energy blaster, but then Superman beats them up, because he thinks fire isn't real energy.

Energy blasting is considered a fun hobby, but some people don't like it. Many weaker energy blasters end up in jail. Stronger ones end up with police that have just been blasted. Then, they have to call in Animal Control. It turns out, they dialed the wrong number, and now they have Mario's Pizza delivering pizza.


This section is about the sound an energy blast makes. Some make the sound "Kaboom", like stated above, but there are a few others:

  • "BBRRZZ!"
  • "ZAP ZAP ZAP!"
  • "BOOOOM!"
  • "PSSST! Guess what! I'm an energy blast! BANG!"
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