An Emu is a tall, flightless bird that is native to Australia (Formerly Pac-Land). Though often thought of as a bad joke by their former Pac-man overlords, Emus flourished out in the bushy wilds of the land that would once more become Australia. Thanks to them not being regarded as even remotely a threat, as soon as the humans had liberated themselves from the yoke of the Pac-people, the Emus attacked. Since then the two species have waged unceasing war against each...except when they cease fighting each other to fight the continuously re-surging Dingo population.


  • According to Cody, from AlternateHistoryHub, Emus and Dingoes wage brutal genocide against the Australian populace.
  • According to Squadala Man, Ducky supports the Emus in their attempts to brutally conquer reclaim their ancestral homeland from the idiots humans. This resulted in the rise of the Tiger Tail Regime, which declared Everybody equal, much to Ducky's dismay.
  • The only Australian bird eviler than an Emu...is a Magpie.
  • They are more evil than Flying Toasters are awesome.
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