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*Nico Yazawa
*Nico Yazawa

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Elmo Gang

The logo of the gang.


The Elmo Gang will take care of this.


The logo of the Easter Island division.

The infamous Elmo Gang is a dangerous mob located in Sesame Street. It is currently the second most dangerous organization in the world, after Nintendo.

The Elmo Gang was formed by Elmo after the events of Grand Theft Sesame Street when Elmo was struck by lightning and turned evil. Him and his fellow Muppets (half moron, half puppet) joined together to rule the world Sesame Street!

Elmo's gang was originally headed by its namesake, with Grover and Big Bird being the only losers in it. Big Bird was kicked out three seconds in (his own fault). Grover remained longer, but was killed by Elmo. Slowly, more muppets joined the gang.

They also have an Easter Island division, which consists of the Easter Bunny, and many inanimate carrots. Bob The Builder is even part of this group when one day he found them while walking in a street so he decides to join them to occupy his time. Later, The Cat In The Hat stole Elmo's idea and turned it into The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, so he could rule his organization.

Known Members

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