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Elma, Queen of the Seven Seas
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black/Purple
Eye color: Sea blue
Age: Late 20's - Early 30's
UnBirthday: ???
Species: Sea serpent
Home: Anywhere in the seven seas
AKA: The Queen of the Seven Seas

Elma is NOT amused.

Elma (AKA "Fifth Dragon" and "Elma Joui") is Tohru's direct counter as the latter manipulates fire and the former manipulates water. She always thinks she's doing the "right things". She crashed into Kobayashi's apartment when she and Tohru were having fun with one another. Elma later redeemed herself after she got along with Kobayashi, adapting to the human world, and ignored Tohru rather than bothering her.

Elma is NOT to be confused with the literally cold-as-ice being known as Elsa or the literal monster known as Elmo.

She works at an office (With Kobayashi.....) rather than being a maid unlike Tohru. In fact, Elma is basically like Kobayashi except a sea serpent (Yes, she's a sea serpent). People call her a "the Goddess of the Seven Seas" when she isn't, she is the Queen of the Seven Seas though.

Tsunami obeys her.



A decent drawing of her sea serpent self, right, right? In all seriousness, that's her as a sea serpent.