A typical elf

An Elf is a creature that's sort of like a human, except it has pointy ears, it's a lot smarter, and it's inferior in every way. Elves are native to Skyrim, though due to persecution and slave trafficking, elves have since migrated to all corners of the Earth (except for Pac-Land, because Pac-Man is stupid). Elves are estimated to make up as much as 0.03% of the UnWorld's population.

Types of Elf

  • High Elf: The high elf is the greatest and most noble elf in the entire UnWorld. Its power is unmatched by any other elf, meaning it is only slightly inferior to the average species.
  • Wood Elf: The wood elves are unnotable in every way except for the fact that they live in trees. This means they are about the equivalent of Monkey Creatures.
  • Dark Elf: The targets of racism and persecution for centuries, the dark elves have to face lots of discrimination because they're black. They're actually gray, but try telling that to the Nords.
  • Snow Elf: The snow elves were once a powerful and noble race of pointy eared men. But then the nords, led by Santa Claus, destroyed the tribes of the snow elves and kidnapped the rest to take to the North Pole. The only surviving snow elves work in Santa's workshop.
    • South Pole Elf: A less common variety of the snow elf, the south pole elves are generally very irritable and violent.
  • Oompa Loompa: The Oompa Loompa is a round elf made mostly of fat. Surviving Oompa Loompas currently work at Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

Notable Elves

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