She is NOT ready to rule.

Elena of Avalor is a horrible TV show on Didney Jewnyur and Didney Channel. Seriously...did Stupid Sofia the Stupid First really NEED a spinoff?!


It is about a 16/55 year old princess who is a dumb Mary-Sue and got trapped in Stupid Sofia the Stupid First's amulet for being lame. 41 years later, she is free and then BREAKS INTO SONG EVERY DAMN MINUTE! She acts like she is so perfect and thinks she is ready to rule even though she is not and plans to take over Didney Channel and Didney Jewnyur. Her sister is 48 but she pretends she's 7 all the time. She also manages to look 7, which is weird. Her grandparents are immortal for some reason and the gene didn't pass on making Elena an orphan while she was trapped in the Stupid Amulet of Stupid Avalor. She then plans to build a wall on the Avalor-Mexico border with the help of Donald Trump.


  • She looks really good for 55 years old. We agree that it's due to cartoon logic.
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