Eleking is a giant blind mutant salamander that is Happycat's minion and Godzilla's nephew's brother-in-law's neighbor's college



roomate's best friend or something


Eleking's mom was a salamander and his dad was an elk. Eleking was tiny and weak but was tought by Doug how to fight and be a bad@$$ fighter but then he left and was struck by lightning and mutated into this ugly thing. He then found out he could shoot lightning out of his antlers and he went off to kill Godzilla

The Big Battle

After he defeated godzilla he went on a rampage through the city until Ultraman showed up and battled him. Eleking fought hard but then Ultraman decapitated him with his mohawk boomarang and killed him.

The AfterMath

After that Eleking and some other Giant Monsters started a band but they sucked so everyone quit. This made Eleking very sad so he bought a violin and made a 8 hour long music show called the Sound of Eleking. The Only song he made went like this:



OF ELEKIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



One day he wanted to kill Chuck Norris so he could be awesome. Eleking zapped him and whacked him into a volcano. Then Chuck got up and battled Eleking. It seems that Chuck Norris and Eleking are both very strong. The fight lasted 3 years and both of them got bored and quit. Eleking has always had a grudge against Chuck so he didn't give up. A year later he released a bunch of Moke Cows into Chuck's house and they attacked him and it scared him to death (according to Eleking; Chuck Norris said he bravely fought them off). Everyone laughed at how Chuck Norris was acting like a baby and Eleking got famous and Chuck got MAD! Chuck Norris got Eleking back by poisoning his soft pretzel but Eleking survived and Chuck was arrested. Chuck was confused, he used to be so famous and powerful and now he wasn't. Kids tore their Chuck Norris posters off their walls and replaced them with Eleking posters. Kids threw their Chuck Norris action figures in the attic and played with Eleking figures. Chuck escaped jail and went to find Eleking but he was attacked by Elekings goons, Lunatx and Red King but beat them and roundhouse kicked Eleking so hard, he went flying to the moon. Some people say that he is dead and others say he is alive. The truth is that Eleking lives on the moon and rules it. Later, he died of Ebola but he was revived by the 5-Hole.

Ultraman fighting Eleking

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