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Electivire's impersonation of Ganon. He actually placed 1st, as selected by Ganon himself.
Member 4 - Electivire

Electivire is PokeYellow of the Vast Pokeforce and is one of the five leaders alongside Tyrantrum (PokeRed), Metagross (PokeBlue), Tropius (PokeGreen), and Lurantis (PokePink).

His designated roman numeral is IV (4).

Surprisingly, he's the good-est of the 5 leaders.

He's secretly good, but pretends to be evil so he doesn't get fired.

He occupies himself destroying children's sand castles, scaring cats and eating with his mouth open.

Electivire once defended Pikachu after Gardevoir was trying to teach him right from wrong. He zapped her, which made her cry. He then offered Pikachu if he can become PokeSaffron, though Pikachu said "I don't have time to join a Pokemon sentai, I can wait 'til I'm strong enough". Electivire understood that.

And yes, Electivire and Pikachu are good friends and he claims like he's like a big bro figure to Pikachu.

He's responsible for motivating Pikachu to join the Vast Pokeforce. He let Pikachu be good, though.


  • He tells good dad jokes.

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