This is an episode of the 2015 Teletubbies TV show.


One day, Laa-Laa is bored because there is nobody for her to play with. So, she, like every other kid would do nowadays, consults TECHNOLOGY! She goes on the Tubby Phone. But, there's nothing for her to do on it! So, she speaks gibberish because she's really bored. The Tubby Phone misinterprets it as a voice command to look up "swan", so it shows Laa-Laa random pictures of swans. Pretty soon, she becomes swan-obsessed and starts to call everybody a swan. Dipsy calls her a goose (which he was coincidentally making a robotic replica of), Tinky Winky asks what a swan is, and Po just shoots her. Laa-Laa decides she wants to see a swan for herself after respawning. So, she runs away yelling "SWAN SWAN SWAN!!!!" and slams the door shut.

Meanwhile, the Tiddlytubbies crawl out of Home Dome to the Teletubby Land Acid Lake. They see a swan swimming in the lake. Not knowing what it is, they jump into the lake. Suddenly, the swan begins to attack them. Umpie-Pumpie's guts begin to spew out of his screen area. Ping tries shoving them back in, but Umpie-Pumpie is dead so Ping ends up being no help at all. Nobody is there to help the poor Tiddlytubbies...until Laa-Laa shows up! However, she doesn't help them. She just obsesses over the fact that she's finally able to see a real swan. The swan bites Ba's antenna. Laa-Laa laughs and says "Again, again!" The swan bites Ba again. The rest of the episode is just Laa-Laa laughing at the Tiddlytubbies being killed by the swan, and the other Teletubbies joining in. The episode ends after Alt 2.0 comes, tells them that their beloved babies are dying, and Laa-Laa just makes a shocked expression.

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