EggRobo is a robotic version of Dr. Eggman, built in his own image. That is, if "his own image" means "like him, except with a weird, metal face". He appeared in the second half of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, which was never made.

The original EggRobo, with his jetpack, laser gun, and helmet face.


EggRobo was created by Dr. Eggman to secretly assassinate Knuckles, while Eggman himself was trying to kill Sonic. EggRobo tried to accomplish this by using copies of Eggman's machines to loudly approach Knuckles and try to blast him, meaning that EggRobo does not understand the concept of "secret assassination".


Knuckles beat EggRobo again and again, time after time, until EggRobo tried to escape to the Sky Sanctuary. There, he was accidentally destroyed by Metal Sonic. Knuckles then fought Metal Sonic, defeating him. However, Metal Sonic used his last reserves of energy to reach the Master Emerald, using it to become Super Metal Sonic. Knuckles fought Super Metal Sonic and defeated him, breaking him and causing him to explode. The explosion decimated the remains of the Sky Sanctuary, which had already been damaged by the Death Egg, and Knuckles flew back to Angel Island (which is one of the Sonic Islands).


There were also clones of EggRobo, sent to terrorize the animals in the Sky Sanctuary Zone, which were all destroyed by Sonic.

Sonic fighting the EggRobo clones, with Metal Sonic in the background (DRAMATIC REENACTMENT).

They are much weaker than the original, as they can be destroyed in one hit and not eight. (Mecha Sonic destroyed the original in one hit, but that is only because Mecha Sonic is eight times as strong as any ordinary human/animal.)

Abilities and Weapons

  • Laser Gun
  • Jetpack
  • Vehicular knowledge
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