Cquote1.png When life gives you lemons, burn Life's house down! Cquote2.png
  —Eevee's foreign policy
Cquote1.png Alola! Cquote2.png
  —Eevee when she took over Alola

She's weird, but she rules some islands.

Full name: Eevee Eevee
Eye color: Brown
Species: Eevee
Home: Alleys
Likes: Evolving into stuff, Crappy Video Games, Hawaii, Epigenetic Triggers
Dislikes: Pokeballs, diss tracks, Guardian Deities
Education: -10 seconds in an unknown subject
Occupation: Being Ruler of Alola
Religion: Traditional Alolan
Known For: Ruling Alola
UnRank: 33,733

Eevee is a Pokeymans that likes headbutting people.

Eevee used to evolve into only the Eeveelutions, but now due to her being exposed to a radioactive Dispenser, she can now evolve into just about anything known in the UnUniverse, except for the Undefeatables.

She hates Pokeballs because they captivate her.

Eevee has claustrophobia, so there is another reason why she hates Pokeballs so much. Eevee also is allergic to the chemical combination that causes fear, so she can suffocate by her fear if not handled carefully. Eevee can respawn if you kill/faint her after her soul traverses to a local Pokemart.

Since Eevee is so lonely, she likes to play bad video games, like Mario Teaches Typing 2 and 7 Grand Dad. She has ruled Hawaii since 1898 and she has been a bit of a foe to the Guardian Deities (the Tapu) of Hawaii, since she takes precious time away from other, more pressing situations.

Eevee's Forms

Eevee has multiple forms that can go on with her.

Poorly-Drawn Eevee

MY EYES!!!1!!

In order to turn into this ugly form, Eevee has to be exposed to Cringe Radiation, such as that which comes off of Grand Dad's star in low quantities. In this form, not only Eevee looks 10 times uglier, she also can:

  • Use a replica Weegee Stare
  • Talk in a Bootleg Voice
  • Make everyone cringe hardly

Spoopy Eevee (Eeeee)

Based off of that one Creepypasta. (Which one? All of them.)

Spoopy Eevee, or Eeeee, is a scarier, bloodier version of Eevee. It is said that this form came from a corrupted hack from a cheating device. In order to turn into this Creepy form, Eevee must set herself on fire.

  • Use the attack Kill (Does tons of damage)
  • Look scary
  • Corrupt Games and Technology
  • Use psychic abilities
  • Come out of the screen and get people
  • Look hyper-realistic
  • Use bootleg Satanism

Humanoid Eevee

This is bit weird, but ok. (Humanoid Eevee)

Humanoid Eevee is a human version of Eevee. This form is rare to see because Eevee hates this form for some reason. To obtain this form, an Eevee has to spaz on the floor whilst ranting about Michael Jackson. The abilities are:

  • Being able to actually talk to humans
  • Be somewhat good-looking
  • This form is good for a disguise to humans
  • Use Timbs


Eevee was then Revived because of The 2nd Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. She then fled to Bikini Bottom because of it.


  • Eevee is made up of 90% Fox, and 10% concentrated aww juice.
  • Eevee hates being called Queen Eevee, so people just call her Eevee.
  • No Trainer wants to capture her since she's so cute.
  • Eevee likes massages. Too bad no one will give her one.
Hawaiian Rulers
Some Random Natives (Hawaii had no ruler back then)
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