He's the coolest lawyer ever.

Edgar Schneider is a lawyer who lives some where in Pittsburgh. He was called "the coolest lawyer ever," by Time Magazine. He has a reputation of stopping at nothing until everyone has been sued. The only case he every lost was against Dr. Rabbit, because Dr. Rabbit fled the country. His motto is "one click, that quick!"

A Growing Interest in Law

During Edgar's early days on this planet, he appeared on the Barney TV show. He enjoyed it until the end, at the end of the show, Barney ate all of the children, but Edgar barley escaped. He vowed to become a lawyer that day and stop at nothing until all evil children mascots were sued.

Law Firm

Today Edgar is the owner of his own law firm called Edgar Schneider And Associates.


Edgar has a deep hatred for Jack Thompson, because he tries to ban Edgar's favorite Shames like Contra. Edgar has attempted to kill Jack, but has never succeeded. He also hates Dr. Rabbit, because he is the only creature to ever beat him in a lawsuit battle.

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