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Characters from Eddiesworld, Eddie, Matt Graves, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Toad.

Eddiesworld is a Flash comedy series created by Eddie Murphy, and stars Eddie Murphy, Matt Graves, Toad the Communist, and Thomas the Tank Engine, goes on some wild adventurous fun and kills Zombehs, this series went popular on YouTube, Newgrounds, DeviantArt, and other platforms, it's not just popular in the UnUnited States, it is also popular in the UnUnited Kingdom and the rest of the UnWorld, this show ended back in 2016 due to shippers that we hate, but it's now back, since 2020.


The Eddiesworld cast at UnAnything Comic Con, 2021.

Eddie Murphy - A main character who loves Cola, going on some stupid adventures, and loves killing Zombehs because they were assholes who loves to eat brains, he tells jokes, especially puns if you can HAND-le it, get it? HAND-le? he also likes Bacon, which sometimes his Bacon may ended up get caught by a cheeky Toad, he is born in America.

Matt Graves - a 2nd main character who is British, he loves himself which is weird, and hates his face being ugly or getting punched/hurt by someone to show how vanity he is, and oh! he has a movie for himself called "Grave on Grave Action" which disgusts critics and audiences.

Thomas the Tank Engine - Thomas is a another main character who likes getting drunk, and making fun of Toad, being called a "Commie" since Toad's indeed a communist which he later threatens to kill him at "The End," which he fucking survived! Like Matt, he's born being British, and his birthplace is the Island of Sodor, which he originally lived there with other trains before meeting Eddie, his stupid reason that he hates Christmas, and likes to kill Santa, and yeah, his guardian, The Fat Controller (Sir Topham Hatt) were humans while his parents are trains.

Toad the Communist - Toad is a communist toad who is a happy-go-lucky murder boy who loves killing people with his AK-47, especially hating being called as a "Commie" by Thomas, and calls him "Jehovah's Witness," since Thomas hates Christmas, he left the series in 2008 by ragequiting after failing to sign new contract from Eddie and got bullied by Thomas, but he returned in the final UnLegacy episode "The End" for a revenge on Thomas with his "Giant Train," which he's still alive at "The End," after Thomas almost killed him and defeating his "Giant Train," he is born in Norway, "no way!" and raised in Soviet Union, whose he supported for, he hates being stuck with a fangirl, which is fucking annoying for him to handle. Plus, he hates the song "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows" by Lesley Gore, and somewhat killed her on-stage, but that doesn't even stop there, and never forget that he is always addicted to Hentai (which got snatched off by his friends by reading it) and Bacon too, which made Eddie mad.

By October 2021, Toad later returned in his main event, "Frog October," and he is later discovered playing paintball using real guns, that later became highly controversial as one person reported died during the painball attack.

It's stupid neighbors:

Eldorado - A neighbour of Eddie, Matt, and Thomas, he likes to make fun of Eddie for no reason, and of course, his friends, he sometimes haves a rival between Jon.

Question Mark - A neighbour of Eddie, Matt, and Thomas, like Eldorado and Jon, he likes to make fun of Eddie and his friends for no reason, especially Matt, who went rival with him, he has it's butt under his dot, he's friends with Eldorado and Jon.

Jon - A neighbour of Eddie, Matt, and Thomas, like Question Mark and Eldorado, he also likes to make fun of Eddie and his friends for no reason, he has its humourous behaviour, and sometimes hangs out with Thomas if he likes to get drunk, he became a ghost after he died in "The End," he also had a cat called Garfielf, which he's fat as fuck.