Easter Island is like the North Pole, except that they celebrate Easter everyday unlike Christmas in the North Pole. The Easter Bunny resides here and it is Dr. Rabbit's grandpa and Bugs Bunny's father. Easter Island is famous for the Easter Eggs that can be found throughout the island. There are tons of Easter Eggs all over the island and can be found in the most ridiculous places possible.


Easter Island was made when Earth's tectonic plates where smashing into each other for stealing their slice of pizza. Then, the island was formed and nobody knew about it for years until 1000 BC, when the Easter Bunny landed on this island after being thrown there by Chuck Norris. The island had enough food to make Easter eggs so he made this his HQ.

From 480 BC to 2000, the island was part of the territory known variously as the "Spartan Minor Outlying Islands", the "Squadala Minor Outlying Islands", the "Soviet Minor Outlying Islands", the "German Minor Outlying Islands", and the "US Minor Outlying Islands". However, the Easter Bunny took it back after joining the Elmo Gang.

Where are the eggs?

The Easter eggs scattered across the island are:

  • In an underwater cave
  • In a rainforest
  • In the nostril of those statues
  • In the volcano in the center of the island (there is no volcano)
  • That's it



Squidward's house stolen from the island

Easter Island is deemed to be cursed because its Easter everyday there and its not possible to do that so that must mean the Easter Bunny is bending and destroying the laws of time and even space. Barack Obama and the presidents of Iraq and South Korea want to Bomb the island but can never find it even though it is clearly labeled on the map of the world in their offices. (morons) Also, before Easter Island was created, a town that squids only lived in used to live there but when the island was formed, their town was destroyed and they were all forced to move and settle in a new town. They also seek revenge on the island and the Easter Rabbit. One of these many squids is Squidward Tentacles. He even got the courage to go on the island and steal one of the statutes and make it his house. Many other squids followed his footsteps (not literally) and stole statues to make their own houses.


They economy on Easter Island is certainly not bad even though one person rabbit person apple rabbit lives there. The Easter Bunny produces Easter Eggs to sell for profit around the world even though he gives them away for free to little kids. He also uses his money to buy candy from pedophiles around the world to put in the eggs but he never has any money so he has to sell some.

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