Yo want silver bullets in yo basket?

The Easter Bunny is a rabbit/human creature who is most well known for breaking into peoples houses, and leaving eggs and candy to children. The Easter Bunny was born when Chuck Norris said so. Chuck Norris threw him at Earth, and he landed on Easter Island, so that is where he lived.

Easter lived on Easter Island for 3000 years when he decided he wanted to do something with his life. In 2000, he bought a summer home in Sesame Street, and lived there... you guessed it! During the winter! He went there every winter until it was broken into by the Elmo Gang. They didn't want anything, they just broke in because they like breaking into places.

Easter discovered this, and eventually joined the Elmo Gang. He became the leader of the Easter Island division (which consisted of the Easter Bunny and a bunch of random carrots). Easter was also in charge of Operation Elmo is Awesome. Operation Elmo is Awesome was a plan made by Elmo that had Easter break into everyone's houses, and kidnap the children. Easter doesn't know how to read, so he though it said break into everyone's houses every year, and leave the kids candy and eggs. He poops out the eggs (because most rabbits, especially guy rabbits, can't lay eggs), and steals the candy from Santa Claus.

Easter Bunny is now widely regarded as a nice bunny, and a holiday figure. This is ironic because he only does what he does because a mob boss told him to.

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