East Brazil Flag

The flag, you can only ride/drive in trains

East Brazil (Officially the Socialist People's Republic of Brazil) is the communist portion of Brazil led by a train named Diesel 10. It borders the Fascist West Brazil to the west, the Islamic and Terrorist South Brazil to the south, and the Juche North Brazil to the north.

Its capital is Brasilia, which was the original capital of Brazil when it was unified.

East Brazil

The exact location of East Brazil, still having Brasilia as its capital, and Rio De Janeiro is no longer a safe place to visit.


East Brazil was once united with West, South, and North Brazil as a federal democracy ruled by Dilma Rousseff. During February 5016 - June 5016, DipsyDiesel 10Bruticus, and M. Bison teamed up and went into war with Dilma Rousseff so they can have their own sections of Brazil for the each of them.

The war taking place during February 5016 - June 5016 was called the Brazilian Divide.

During Diesel 10's presidency after East Brazil was declared a nation, he ordered his soldiers to demolish the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio De Janeiro and replace it with a statue of Diesel 10 himself.



Diesel 10, the communist dictator of East Brazil.

The flag of East Brazil (Along with its bordering country brethren) obviously derives from the original flag of Brazil. Plus by extension, the flag was designed after Soviet Russia's flag and Diesel 10 himself (via the tracks crossing around the flag).


East Brazil is a communist and socialist republic nation led by Diesel 10 that you will die at. The government only allowed trains, and they ban cars, helicopters, and yachts. They only allow non-rail vehicles that are used for military (Like tanks, jets, and submarines).

They also force you to be an atheist (as communists are atheist) and not believe in any religion, especially Christianity.

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